Salt Athletic Aērcase Cleat Bag

I have teamed up with Salt Athletic!
I’m sure you have seen and heard about them but the Aērcase Cleat Bag is amazing! As a coach, player, and father of two kids who also play these bags are a must-have! We all know how stinky those cleats and shin guards get after games and training sessions.

The Aērcase Cleat Bag is a game changer. Here is what makes them the best on the market:

- It has an integrated handle that makes it easy to grab and go.
- Permanent technology that kills bacteria and blocks odor.
- Magnetic closure which avoids stuck zippers.
- It is silicone coated, polymer fabric. Abrasion and puncture-resistant, with increased UV resistance.
- The Heavy Compression Spandex Form fits cleats and has room for your shin guards as well.
- The bag also features a water-resistant interior pocket to keep your personal belongings safe.
- They able to be machine-washed and dried.
- They come with a 2-year comprehensive warranty and a Money-back guarantee.
So if you are tired of those cleats and guards smelling up your car and house, click the link to get your cleat bag today.

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